The session includes:

  • Principles of Photography: What happens in a camera.
  • The Gear: What all the numbers mean and what to invest in.
  • Post Production: After the camera and how to find your workflow.
  • Subject learned: Lighting, ISO, composition, camera settings, lenses, handy gear, focusing, great tips, post production, and a lot more!
  • Workflow is for 1 hour.
  • If you have a Canon DSLR, you can try Matthew’s gear!
  • Post Production is at Matthew’s Studio in downtown Newport.
  • A 10% discount to any of Matthew’s Products and Fine Art!
  • $400 for 6 hours and a meal and drink/cocktail during break.
  • Payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card. Cash Discount of 5%!
  • There are multiple time slots available to accommodate your own schedule. Workshops are booked around Matthew’s travel calendar and weather pending.


Summer Series:

6 hours. 3 Workshops per day.

  1. 5am – 11am, Break at 8am
  2. 10am – 2pm, Break at 1pm
  3. 3pm – 9pm, Break at 6pm

Winter Series:

6 hours, 2 Workshops per day.

  1. 7am – 100pm, Break at 10am
  2. 1pm – 7pm, Break at 4pm

Send me a message for more details.

Send me a message for more details.